Are You Sponsor Correct?


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Focus Attaquer CX Team have it down to a fine art, even including their water bottles…


What? Wait… is that even a thing!


Yes, it is! In this day and age of social media and with marketing managers trying to re-invent the wheel by cutting advertising ‘sponsor correctness’ is becoming even more important to companies.


Sponsorship works both ways, for you as a rider to promote the company/companies who have sponsored you and for the companies to promote you back – you are advertising their products to a very specific market at race day and also, one on one to local riders you may meet out training (in your sponsored kit, on your sponsored bike, with your sponsored helmet and sponsored socks)….


In fact, you become extension of the company and as such how you act reflects on those companies. Bad behaviour both off and on the course is remembered…


Sponsorship is a privilege. Companies, in general aren’t sitting with warehouses of extra gear, wondering how to get rid of it and having light bulb moments where they suddenly decide to sponsor a team. It actually costs them money and they expect a return as they are investing in you. It’s a two way street and you, as a sponsored rider have a job to do:


Advertise and promote your sponsors! Wear their kit, ride their bikes, talk to people about their gear, thank your sponsors. Having people buy products based on your interactions with them is a by-product of why you got sponsored. The companies want to raise their profiles and, in turn, your profile gets raised too.


Use social media to promote your team and the companies who have sponsored you – no sponsor expects you to lose your identity in lieu of promoting, but they do expect a higher social media presence through you.


Of course, the teams also need the sponsorship for the circle to work… as without it the focus moves away from the teams training, performing and travelling which detracts from building the best possible team and of course, the best results.


However, the joy of Cyclocross is that it’s not just the elite riders and teams who are able to, or indeed, getting sponsored. It’s a good reflection on the sport that the grass roots riders also are kitting up in team kits.


So, in essence, remember your sponsors, remember to thank them, remember to tag and hash tag them and wear their gear (on the podium, should you be up there) and most importantly, remember that without you doing these things, they have no reason to continue to sponsor.