JBlood Adventures Winner Check-in No. 2


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The season has begun and JBlood Adventures coach Chris Jongewaard has had more time to get to know competition winner Scott Rettino. With any plan there are always ups and downs but it is how you deal with issues that makes the difference and this is where a good coach can help. Let’s see how Scott and JBlood have been getting on…


Scott – We heard you are injured… how did you get your injury?

SR I was injured and it’s pretty embarrassing! I tore my hamstring playing indoor soccer kicking for goal – I didn’t end up scoring the goal which makes it even worse.


Did Chris change your training regime or did you take time off?

SR It happened on a Sunday and the following week I had off in between starting a new job, so we were going to have an awesome training block. Anyway I ended up having to take MondayThursday completely off the bike and started riding very slowly and very easily on the Friday. The training regime backed right off with a lot of very low intensity rides to keep everything ticking over without over exerting the hamstring. It is almost back to full strength now, I can maintain high intensity on the bike but running I am still a bit slower and more cautious.


What are you expecting from your first race having had Chris train you has he given you any tips and tricks for you to implement? Any nutritional advice?

SR I just had my first race back last Friday night at the Dirty Deeds CX prologue! Wasn’t sure what to expect given I hadn’t done a lot of intensity and the prologue course was very fast and furious! I was quite happy with how I rode but I think my endurance at that intensity isn’t where it needs to be for the longer races just yet. I was lucky to have a one-on-one session with Chris before the Flanders demo day, it was really good to go through cornering, dismounts and remounts to sharpen up my skills and correct bad habits! We also discussed a wide range of topics from tyre choice, line choice and nutrition. Previously I have gone pretty hard on the gels during the race and also carry a bottle. I think moving forward I am going to try and race without a bottle (weather permitting) and focus closer on pre-race nutrition.


Has Chris put you in the Hurt Cave yet?

SR I haven’t been fully in the hurt cave just yet! I did buy a new Kickr and I can see some intense sessions coming up the closer we get to the first NCXS race so I think I will have something different to report next time!


Now the season has started (and you are healed!) what changes has Chris made to your training? Are you still hitting the gym?

SR The training is starting to focus more on intervals now that we have established a pretty good base fitness through the summer period. There will be more on-off short duration intervals coming up also mixing in some stair runs and plyometrics! The gym work will continue through the season but it will turn more to core strength and maintaining that rather than lifting weights (I think).





Scott injured himself!

JBlood Luckily he didn’t miss much, small setback.

How do you work around injuries for your clients as a coach?

JBlood My main concern is they see the appropriate people to get expert advice, next is REST until we find out how bad the damage is. In Scott’s case he had a period off the bike and then we altered his training a little to ease him back into things again.
Have you given Scott any tips or tricks for his first race of the season –
what are you expecting of him? Have you suggested a specific nutrition plan
for his racing?

JBlood We have spoken about many different things, training ideas, race planning, nutrition and some small tips that sometimes get over looked days leading into a big event or even small details prior to the race itself.

Is Scott still doing everything you say?

JBlood Yes, he is a remarkable Athlete I’m very impressed with his willingness to learn or take information on-board.


Has Scott been in the Hurt Cave yet?

JBlood I think he is not too far from the Cave 😀


Now the season has started what changes have you made to Scott’s training?

JBlood After missing a week of training I have adjusted Scott’ plan to train through the next couple of races before some of the more important events happen.