QLD CX – Thunder at Nundahdrome


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words: Andrew Demack     Photography: Sholto Douglas

Well, aren’t you a big boy now!


Queensland cyclocross has grown quickly from its infancy just a couple of years ago. With the last of the autumn races today at the Nundahdrome,  QldCX is now an awkward teenager, all legs and arms and attitude, wearing oversized headphones and scowling at the other passengers on the train.

With more than 30 riders signed up in B grade for this event and 85 racers overall, organiser Brad Norman expects that we will be running separate A and B grade races in the winter series later this year.

Brisbane turned on a glorious warm autumn day, with a gorgeous blue sky. Would’ve been a nice day at the beach. Not really CX weather, but still the riders came in their droves.




Albert Bishop Park at Nundah is the home of a purpose-built road criterium circuit, and also the location for the new Hamilton Pine Rivers Wheelers club house. It was great to have quite a few juniors and riders in the open and B grade races, sporting the HPRW colours.

We are still having trouble getting many female racers. Most of the growth has been in the adult male categories. But with that said, we had our biggest junior (under 11) race so far as well at this race with 13 starters. Patrick Flood and Leroy Butler are well in charge of the juniors, and came home 1-2 again, with new boy Ciaran Casey third.




In A grade, a race-long battle between two of Queensland cyclocross’s favourite sons. Lawson Hartshorn has been racing CX since day one in Qld, and has consistently been among the best. It was Lawson’s last race before moving to Melbourne, and the Qld CX scene will miss him!

Lawson’s opponent in the two-man duel was a certain Robbie McEwen, a retired gent from the Gold Coast. The two broke away from Karl Wilson and Jason Smith who were having their own battle for the minor podium spot.

As hard as Hartshorn tried to drop McEwen, he couldn’t manage it. The course featured about 400 metres of ‘singletrack’ though a nearby patch of scrub, and lots of flowing sections on the grass infield of the criterium track. The race started and finished on the bitumen, and in a sprint it would be a shock of tsunami-esque proportions for Robbie McEwen to be beaten.  No earthquakes were recorded, and Robbie took the win.

Karl Wilson rounded out the podium.

In women’s A grade, two top local mountain bikers, Anna Beck and Connie Silvestri came along to give reigning Qld champ Sharon Heap a bit of competition. Anna Beck took out the win, first time out on her new CX bike, despite not feeling 100%, enough for her to skip the round of the Sunshine Cross-Country series the day before. Anna confirms her status as the favourite for the state title in Ipswich in late June.




In B grade, Darren Flood celebrated the debut of his shiny new Giant CX bike (something of a theme here, the number of new CX bikes continues to swell alarmingly) with a photo-finish win over Lan Bui. Rick Banaszcyzk forgot to bring his helmet to the race, but still managed to finish third wearing somebody’s Dad’s helmet.

In the Open race, debutants Brynley Abad on a hardtail 29er mountain bike (complete with Cannondale Lefty) and James Douglas, on a singlespeed, were too good for the rest of the field. Qld CX uber-fuehrer Brad Norman was in a solid third all race, only to get pipped in the sprint by HPRW roadie Mark McLennan.




The race calendar is improving all the time in Queensland.

Next Sunday, 1 June, sees Robbie McEwen hosting a CX race for the first time, at the Nerang Cycling Centre on the Gold Coast. Robbie spent many years observing cyclocross when he lived in Belgium, and has always been a fan but never had a chance to try it during his pro career. In retirement he can do what he likes, and it turns out he likes racing CX!

We’re hoping for a great turnout down at Nerang next Sunday. Check the Queensland Cyclocross page on Facebook for the latest details.

Also coming up soon will be the Queensland Cyclocross championships, to be held in Ipswich on Sunday 22 June, hosted by the Ipswich Cycling Club.




Results   Sunday 25th May – BSMC Nundah CX


U11 15min

1 Patrick Flood 4 Laps

2 Leroy Butler 4 Laps

3 Ciaran Casey 4 Laps

4 Aiden Taylor 4 Laps

5 Michael Murray 4 Laps

6 Marly Harrison 4 Laps

7 Bennett Boyd 3 Laps

8 Emily Blatchford 3 Laps (1st Female)

9 Kinan Leary 3 Laps

10 Spencer Mitchell 3 Laps

11 Aiden Leary 2 Laps

12 Lachlan Walters 2 Laps

13 Zander Holiday 2 Laps


Open 30min

1 Brynley Abad 7 Laps

2 James Douglas 7 Laps

3 Mark McLennan 7 Laps

4 Bradley Norman 7 Laps

5 Glenn McIntosh 7 Laps

6 Thomas Grey 7 Laps

7 Hugh Barbour 7 Laps

8 David Roest 7 Laps

9 Damien Muller 7 Laps

10 Anthony Green 7 Laps

11 Grant Dawson 7 Laps

12 Lyn Brider 7 Laps (1st Female)

13 Ewan McEwen 7 Laps

14 Hugh Gormley 7 Laps

15 Paul Leary 7 Laps

16 Andrew Wilson 6 Laps

17 Stephen Whitaker 6 Laps

18 Scott Kirton 6 Laps

19 Kim Bui 6 Laps

20 Oliver Nendick 6 Laps (2nd Female)

DNF Suzette Davis 3 Laps (3rd Female)


B Grade 30min

1 Darren Flood 8 Laps

2 Lan Bui 8 Laps

3 Richard Banaszczyk 8 Laps

4 Michael McMahon 8 Laps

5 Paul Woodward 8 Laps

6 Adam Harrison 8 Laps

7 Aaron Pickett-Heaps 8 Laps

8 Graham Mitchem 8 Laps

9 Mark Routledge 8 Laps

10 Dean Winchester 8 Laps

11 Andrew Woodhouse 8 Laps

12 Brett Chaseling 8 Laps

13 Chistopher Lusty 8 Laps

14 Cameron Douglas-Savage 8 Laps

15 Matt Powel 8 Laps

16 Tim Hooker 8 Laps

17 Jason Banks 8 Laps

18 Simon Nendick 8 Laps

19 Jordan Heppell 8 Laps

20 Ash Ireland 8 Laps

21 Ben Blanch 8 Laps

22 Andrew Patten 8 Laps

23 Bennett Rust 7 Laps

24 Phil Jones 7 Laps

25 David Taylor 7 Laps

26 Andrew Demack 7 Laps

27 David Jacobs 6 Laps

DNF Sebastion Vejby 1 Lap

DNF Christopher Roberts 1 Lap


A Grade 45min

1 Robbie McEwen 14 Laps

2 Lawson Hartshorn 14 Laps

3 Karl Wilson 14 Laps

4 Jason Smith 14 Laps

5 Justin Claridge 14 Laps

6 Declan Kilkenny 14 Laps

7 Simon Frederiksen 14 Laps

8 Ian Blatchford 14 Laps

9 Shem Guthrie 14 Laps

10 David Whybrew 13 Laps

11 Simon Wilson 13 Laps

12 Warren Jennings 13 Laps

13 Anna Beck 13 Laps (1st Female)

14 Les Heap 13 Laps

15 Connie Silvestri 13 Laps (2nd Female)

16 Sharon Heap 13 Laps (3rd Female)

17 Yannik Frank 13 Laps

18 Joshua Watts 13 Laps

DNF Scott Smith 8 Laps

DNF Matt Williams 7 Laps

DNF Joshua Bosschiter 4 Laps

DNF Nathan Moore 3 Laps