Scott Does Bright!


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Following our winner Scott and his training journey with JBlood, we caught up with them both following the first National Round in Bright – where Scott got PB’s all weekend!


Were  you pleased with how Scott raced on the weekend?

I’m happy that Scott made an improvement from last year event at Mt.Beauty, also great he was able to identify where things went right and what parts of his race which needed work.

Did his training change in the immediate lead up?

Leading into the event his week decrease in Volume slightly so he was able to concentrate of freshening up and increase his speed for the upcoming event.

Is there any habit you are trying to cure Scott of when racing?

We are constantly ticking of his bad habits each race, Scott is very receptive.

Was there any particular tip you gave him when riding the courses ?

We worked on some cornering techniques, ill have to keep the other tips close within the JBLOOD ADVENTURES camp otherwise we won’t have the upper hand 😀

What are you expecting of Scott for the next round?

I am confident Scott will continue to improve as the season continues, I feel a solid performance coming up for the QLD rd.

What nutrition did you advise Scott with for his racing?

We change the timing on when he will eat before a race like cross to give his body the best chance to perform, Cross is to short to not have the perfect preparation.

What words of advice do you have for him in the next race?




How did you enjoy the Bright weekend?
I had an absolute blast at the Bright weekend, probably because I had two races I was super stoked with! The Alpine Cross weekend is also a lot of fun because I got to catch up with a lot of my interstate friends that I hadn’t seen since last cross season.

What tips did Chris give you heading into the races (specific to you):
We spoke a lot in detail about using the weekend to try and work out what warmup and nutrition protocol would work for my body (because everyone is so different). A lot of what I did was noted down so we could change it if it didn’t work as planned. Tips wise was probably focusing on being smooth and limiting mistakes, if you can do those two things the race speed would take care of itself!

How did your training change in the immediate lead up?
The weekend before Bright was quite hard so the intensity was wound back the week before the racing. There was one interval session on the trainer and then an activation session on the Friday to get the legs firing for the weekend. The rest of the week was recovery or endurance miles on the road bike and familiarisation on the TCX.

Was there any change in your race nutrition?
There has been a pretty big change in my pre-race and race nutrition this year compared to last year. On race day I am now keeping protein to only a small amount, I was probably having too much last year and that was making me feel a bit slow. Now focusing on my carbohydrate intake pre-race I am not needing to have gels as often during the race. I am now having one non-caffeinated gel on the start line and then a caffeinated gel at the 30-40 minute mark.

The weekend was also the first time I raced without a bottle on my bike. It was pretty tough but I don’t think my performance suffered and the bike was lighter as well! Queensland I will probably go back to having a bottle because last year it was pretty warm for a Victorian so expecting similar conditions this year.

Did you perform better than you expected?
I had a VICXS race in Ballarat a couple of weeks prior to the Bright weekend and was pretty disappointed with how I went. I think that was a product of me being anxious to get out there and ultimately I made too many mistakes because of that. Back to the Bright weekend, I wasn’t 100% sure where I was at but I think I performed within expectations.

Was there anything Chris has said to you that you kept repeating or reminding to yourself as you raced?
I kept thinking a lot about my body positioning when I was going through the corners. At the moment cornering like a cross rider still isn’t coming naturally! I can forget my body position and go back to being a roadie and that usually ends with me on the ground! I also took time out there racing to really enjoy myself and think how lucky I am to be racing my bike is such a beautiful part of Australia!

Were you happy with your performance at Bright and why?
I was happy with how I performed at the Bright weekend, particularly the Mount Beauty round. The past two years at Mount Beauty I have had pretty average races so it was really satisfying to have a good one. I think if you take out our interstate friends I would have snuck into the top 10 which is really promising!